Trading Wall St

for St John - USVI

Bailing Out Before the Crash

The sun was soothing while cruising through the emerald colored sea. As I routinely warned, “Prepare to Come about”, my guests barely raise an eye brow until I got ther attention with the following “Hard to Lee” at which time, they rearranged themselves as the sailboat gently heeled over to the other side to finish the tack.  We continued our leisure pace back to St John of the US Virgin Islands.

While adjusting her hat to eliminate the squint from the new angle of the sun and taking a sip of her island cocktail, she praised of my timely bail out from Wall Street. I didn’t have any type of “Golden Parachute”, but I did have the common sense to depart form and industry who’s pitches should have included: We are going to take Our Experience and Your Money and turn it into Your Experience and Our Money

Although the government was now bailing out the same unscrupulous financial crooks that I had worked for, I bailed out from my Wall St career before the industry began self-destructing.

The transition had not been easy but I felt a proud sense of accomplishment in completely changing my profession to leave the ethically challenged investment banking world of Wall St and move on to a saner and stable way of life.

As a charter captain, my guests include a lot of wannabes and has-beens in the investment issues. To pass the time with them between the snorkel / SCUBA dives and sailing to the nearby foreign islands, I keep the guests entertained with my stories of travels and career challenges. Since so many have lost so much to the Wall Street sharks, my 10 years experience of working to the top of the food chain before realizing the futility of trying to transform the insatiable appetite of greed and lack of common sense usually becomes a topic that draws their interest and fuels their curiosity.

For all those who don’t have the option of enjoying one of my charters here in the Virgin Islands or in Tybee Island / Savannah  in the Summer season, I thought to share the experience of my adventure  here and on my book websites, and as orders are currently being booked for the next printings.......


Craig Markowski

Submitted Review:


We were new to the idea of chartering a sailboat when we found Pirate Charters Of The Caribbean on the internet. Although we are only in our late twenties, we look forward to sharing our great experience with everybody, including even our future grand children. Although Captain Craig could easily single-handedly sail and navigate, he wanted to share the experience with those of us inclined to volunteer. I was first on the tiller while my husband raised the sails with the captain as we sailed off the mooring and onto the open water. Open water sounds a lot more daunting than reality as the depth usually ranged between 24 and 48 feet with few variances either way. Shortly thereafter, we arrived at one of the outer island reefs to snorkel. Splashing into the reefs around here was nothing short of spectacular. It’s like jumping into Mother Nature’s well kept aquarium. The initial plunge was into water temperature comparable to bathwater. Once the bubbly froth cleared below the surface, the bottom slopped from a reasonable 10’ to the beach 50 yards away. The varieties of developing coral heads clustered on the sandy bottom were numerous, and included patches of brain, stag, and elk horn growth. The sand itself was alive with the starfish, sea cucumbers and conch, along with the flounders and rays that sometimes emerge from powdery sand to distance themselves from an annoyance, or in search of a meal. An unusual site was that of a ray with a six foot plus wingspan or one that enjoyed the company of a fish gliding directly above as if a “wing man” accompanying a fighter pilot on a mission. The intense colors were overwhelming and ranged from the bright purple of the fan coral rainbow spectrum of colors on the parrot fish. As the snorkeling came to a close, we enjoyed sailing the rest of the day sipping on the Captain’s special pirate’s rum punch, while listening to the local legends and tales of these colorful islands. Craig’s story-telling talents can probably be attributed to his successful efforts as an author for books like, “Trading Wall St for St John – USVI” and “Key West to Alaska”. For the close of the cruising day, a wild, white, billy goat greeted us from the steep hill as we approached the entry point of Cruz Bay. For an unbelievable charter sailboat experience, please keep in mind, Craig Markowski of, Pirate Charters Of The Caribbean. He does Day, Holiday, and Weekly charters while operating his bare boats and Virgin Island activities.